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When to Start Invoice Factoring

when to start invoice factoring.jpgAt some point during the life-cycle of all companies, utilization of revolving credit will be necessary. Whether it is with a vendor, supplier, sub-contractor and finance company, sourcing working capital needs through revolving credit is part of every small business’s make-up.

When it comes to eligibility for invoice factoring, all companies with commercial accounts receivable will meet the criteria….even start-up businesses.

Accounts receivable factoring with Catamount Funding is the way to go when the reality becomes a necessity. Is it time for you to steer you business in this direction? Below are a handful of scenarios with which your business may currently identify indicating the need for accounts receivable factoring:

The pace of your cash flow is not fast enough. Business is picking up or is rolling through peaks and valleys. Your bank has said “no” and there are gaps in your collections. You have a lot of money hanging out there in unpaid invoices or freight bills. You are pushing your payables to the limit and payroll is running tight.  Solution: Advancing up to 90% on your invoices at the time of the sale immediately accelerating your cash flow and allowing you to sleep better at night.

You are afraid to increase sales because cash is tight. Factoring will immediately provide you with the ability to grow because you will experience positive cash flow each time you issue an invoice to one of your customers. Unlike traditional bank financing, factoring with Catamount will not require you to jump through hurdles while going through the approval process. We provide approval within 48 hours of receiving the application. You can keep existing customers and work on new ones without worrying about how you will be able to handle the increased demand on cash when sales grow.

You are tired of waiting on payments. Offering your customers payment terms of 30, 60 or 90 days means you will end up having a lot of cash tied up in unpaid accounts receivables.  Same-day funding when you invoice your customers will make a tremendous difference. With Catamount Funding you will not only receive access to quick cash but you will also experience the most professional, friendly and courteous service when it comes to helping you communicate with your customers’ accounting departments that issue invoice payments.

You want help with credit decisions. You may have limited resources to access credit bureau information on potential and existing customers. Our staff has been in the credit and banking industry since 1980 and has the experience and expertise that will be a big plus for you in evaluating credit. You don’t want to be overexposed and risk losing a lot of money because of poor credit decisions. One bad customer can create significant set backs. We will help you limit unnecessary exposure to customers that are not “credit worthy” by participating in the credit decision. We will run the credit reports and share that information with you. It becomes a winning proposition for you and us. Protection your credit exposure means that we are protecting ours as well.

You have a new company and need invoice factoring. Banks like to see historical financial statements before they approve a small business for a loan. If you are a new company with less than two years of operating history you may not qualify for traditional borrowing. We are not that particular. We rely on the strength and histories of you customers instead. Let us serve and a sort of “incubator” for your business. You can build credit with us, develop a history, grow your business and begin to prosper. Don’t settle for the word “no”. We will provide you a “yes you can succeed” and “yes you will succeed” attitude.

When Regardless of your size or industry, Catamount Funding presents you with the resources you need to be successful. Invoice factoring with Catamount Funding is the way to go when looking for a factoring company to provide proper financial fuel. 

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