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— July 16, 2024

Surviving Slow Seasons

Every year small businesses are faced with an uncertainty that their cash flow will dry up and fail to support them through the upcoming season.

— May 26, 2016

Pitfalls of Online Borrowing

When business owners are in trouble and easy credit is dangled in front of their faces, more times than not, they take the bait. Many of these new lenders are in-flexible, unethical and predatory…..all characteristics from which business owners must flee.

— May 25, 2016

16 of our Typical Factoring Customers

Are you in an industry that is perfect for factoring? These are just some examples of the type of customers that we partner with. We have multiple customers in each of these areas and they are all able to have success from working out of a healthy cash base.

— May 23, 2016

When Your Business is at a Point for Cash Growth

When your business is at a point for cash growth, a bank may not be the solution to help you with your needs. Catamount can assist you with what is called "accounts receivable factoring".

— March 18, 2016

Why Factoring is Good for you: Simplified

How much would you have to pay each year for the Salary of an AR professional?

— February 29, 2016

Business Partners

Business Partners……..Yes or No. If you ask most entrepreneurs if they want a business partner – most will say NO! But there are business partners each business needs and cannot do with out.

— December 23, 2015

Technology, the Great Distractor and Great Reformer

Everyone can see today that it is a problem. But we also know that it has solved a lot of problems. It is a solution and a problem.

— December 23, 2015

A Price to Pay for Procrastinating

What is Procrastination? In simple terms, procrastination is having something to do that, in spite of the fact that it is a priority, you do something else instead that is much less important. A typical example in the business world is waiting until the last minute to arrange financing needs. This can be an extremely hazardous habit.

— December 16, 2015

Accounts Receivable Management

Revolving Credit in the business world is just commonplace. It’s a standard practice to offer credit terms to accounts that are credit worthy. As most small business owners will testify, offering thirty day credit terms not only helps land new business but it also puts a pinch on cash flow when the proper tools are not in place.

— November 30, 2015

Millennials in the Workforce

This generation wants to make a difference and professes to not be afraid to work hard to achieve their goals. They yearn to work for a company that they believe in. A lot of millennials say they will choose their employer based on its ability to innovate

— November 30, 2015

Easy Journal Entries For Invoice Factoring

When a business owner decides to enter into a factoring relationship, one of the last questions that arise is “What are the Accounting Entries I need to make?” First of all, it is really simple and the following scenario will provide a guideline for you to make routine daily journal entries. You should use the factoring company’s reports and discipline yourself to make the entries everyday you experience activity to your account. Don’t forget to…

— November 20, 2015

Budgeting for Next Year

Here we are… midway through the final quarter of 2015. It’s been one of those years that many will state was not as strong as the previous year. So, with that being said, it’s a good time to assess your company’s financial position and prepare a business budget for 2016.

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