Factoring Services for Small & Medium-sized Businesses

Purchase Order Financing

Catamount Funding's Purchase Order Program

Purchase Order Financing involves the credit advance to your supplier that enables you facilitate a sale when you don’t have the inventory in stock, funds are limited and your supplier will not agree to any credit terms other that “cash up front”.


Focuses on your transaction and its probability of success. Unlike other sources in the banking and finance world, Catamount’s unique entrepreneurial focus is not entirely concerned with your financial statement….we evaluate the economics of the opportunity as it presents itself.

We like to verify and trust that you have:

  • Management Expertise
    CATAMOUNT finances companies with proven experience in their field, even if they are a start-up.
  • Established Vendors
    CATAMOUNT funds transactions with suppliers/subcontractors and manufacturers that have a solid background. We will investigate this for you.
  • Valid Purchase Orders and Contracts
    CATAMOUNT will provide financing bases upon firm valid purchase orders issued by creditworthy entities. CATAMOUNT will not support consignment transactions or long-term manufacturing projects.
  • Verifiable Repayment
    CATAMOUNT bridges the capital necessary to acquire or manufacture inventory to fulfill purchase orders and sales contracts. We understand the firm payment terms and upon delivery or completion we require you to factor the invoice with us.

We want to help:

  • Solve cash flow problems
  • Fund the cost of inventory
  • Provide the invoice factoring after the order has been shipped and invoiced
  • Help you succeed and prosper 

CATAMOUNT Finances Growth Opportunities

Catamount has always been there for us and has been very instrumental in helping us succeed.

-Victor G., Equipment Paint & Blast

Without Catamount we would not be where we are today...period. They have been a tremendous help and are very supportive!

-Angelos P., Oilfield Trucking

When we needed help Catamount stood up to the plate for us. Their service is outstanding...great people to work with!

-Jimmy F., Welding & Fabrication